All Beverage napkins are 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" !
All Luncheon napkins are 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" !

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Bright White Pearlized Napkins GG2
Heart made up of many different flowers
Pearlized Heart
WTPHL Luncheon  (WTPHB Beverage)

Two pearlized hearts
Pearlized Swish Hearts
WTPSL Luncheon (WTPSB Beverage)

Daisies with heart stems
Pearlized Daisy
WTDYL Luncheon (WTDYB Beverage)

Pearlized border with delicate Ivy pattern
Pearl Border (with filligree pattern)
WTPRL Luncheon (WTPRB Beverage)
Bouquet of Daisies w/ ribbon and Bridal couple with ribbon and Bouquet

Pearl Traditional Daisy
WTDPL Luncheon (WTDPB Beverage)

Pearlized Couple
WTPCL Luncheon (WTPCB Beverage)

Bright White Pearlized Napkins prices  GG2

Design only as shown
Order No.
Pearlized Heart - Beverage / Luncheon WTPHB / WTPHL
Pearlized Swish Hearts - Beverage / Luncheon WTPSB / WTPSL
Pearlized Daisy - Beverage / Luncheon WTDYB / WTDYL
Pearlized Border - Beverage / Luncheon WTPRB / WTPRL
Pearlized Traditional Daisies - Beverage / Luncheon  WTDPB / WTDPL
Pearlized Couple - Beverage / Luncheon WTPCB / WTPCL
Price Includes 2 lines of text. Typestyle only as shown.


Bright White Super Soft Napkins GG1
Price Includes: 2 lines of text and Design
Typestyle only as shown.  Any Colour of Ink or Foil!

White Super Soft Napkins prices
Order No. Price Code
Beverage WUWHB  GG1
Luncheon WUWHL  GG1
Price Includes:
2 lines of text and Design.
Typestyle only as shown. 
Any Colour of Ink or Foil!
Choose any design from HERE


Coloured Super Soft Napkins


Coloured Super Soft Napkins  Price Code HH1
Colour Order No. Colour Order No
Wine WTMAL Luncheon Hot Pink WTHTL Luncheon
WTMAB Beverage WTHTB Beverage
Royal Blue WTRLL Luncheon Rose WTROL Luncheon
WTRLB Beverage WTROB Beverage
Hunter Green WTHGL Luncheon Ecru WTIVL Luncheon
WTHGB Beverage WTIVB Beverage
Purple (not shown) WTPUL Luncheon Navy WTNVL Luncheon
WTPUB Beverage WTNVB Beverage
Red WTRDL Luncheon Teal WTTEL Luncheon
WTRDB Beverage WTTEB Beverage
Black WTBKL Luncheon Frosted Aqua WXAQL Luncheon
WTBKB Beverage WXAQB Beverage
Silver WTSLL Luncheon Periwinkle WTPWL Luncheon
WTSLB Beverage WTPWB Beverage


Order No.
Colour Order No.
Lavender WTLAB Beverage Pastel Pink WTPPB Beverage
WTLAL Luncheon WTPPL Luncheon
Heavenly Blue WTCBB Beverage Peach FTCRB Beverage
WTCBL Luncheon FTCRL Luncheon
Sage WTSAB Beverage
WTSAL Luncheon




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