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 All candles are smokeless and dripless.

A,B. Display your unity candle ensemble in our beautifully crafted, brass-plated candelabra.. perfect for the altar, head table and romantic anniversary dinners. The 12" wide candelabra holds one 3" x 10"  white center candle and two 12" bride and groom tapers. Slow-burning, white 12" tapers complement your unity candle. Tapers are also available in ecru (not shown). 
A. WXS137  Unity Candelabra  C$41.90  
B.  WXS84  White 12" Taper (Each)   C$3.00 
       WXS85  Ecru 12" Taper (Each)  C$3.00

C.   "'We Join Hands and Hearts From This Day Forward" is printed in gleaming gold on a 3" x 10" white candle for a meaningful unity candle-lighting ceremony (candle is also available in ECRU not shown).  See item B for coordinating ecru tapers.

White Hands & Hearts    WXS86B...$36.80 
Ecru Hands & Hearts       WXS87B...$36.80 
 All candles are smokeless and dripless.

D.   Joined sculpted hearts, which glow softly when the candle is lit, are  featured on this 3" x 9" white candle.

 Glowing Hearts Candle 
WXS90P. . $43.65  

E.   Two detailed roses are sculpted from this beautiful white pillar candle  for a ceremony of unmatched elegance. A bow of iridescent and white satin ribbon is accented with pearls. The candle measures a generous 12" tall and is 3" in diameter. 
 WXS820  Sculpted Rose Candle $53.90

All candles are smokeless and dripless. 

F.   For a unity candle ceremony graced with elegance, choose our candle featuring beautifully sculpted calla lilies. Iridescent glitter accents the raised lilies for unforgettable sparkle. The white candle, which stands 10 1/2" tall and is 3" in diameter, is also perfect for displaying at the reception. 
WXS802S   Calla Lily Candle   $50.50

 G.   Intricately sculpted and accented with satin roses and pearls, these candles will help create a memorable ceremony. The candles rest in a white enameled candelabra and are surrounded by white silk flower rings for a touch of elegance. The center candle measures 10" tall and is 4" in diameter; each taper is a full 10" tall. The graceful candelabra measures an impressive 13" across. 
WXS101EN Candelabra Set   $117.25 

All candles are smokeless and dripless.

H.   Save rental costs with our white linen-textured aisle runner made of durable plastic. A convenient pull cord aids in even unrolling. Aisle runner is 36" x 100'. 

I.   Form 5" bows magically by pulling the small ribbons. A great way to denote special pews for family and friends, or to decorate the reception. 
WXS392 White Bows (Package of 4)............$13.65


J.   A beautiful path leads you to the altar...this white aisle runner is made of durable rayon with a lacy design. Its pull cord aids in even unrolling. Aisle runner is 36" x 100'. 
WXS29973  Lacy Aisle Runner (White)...........$47.90 

K.   Netting and ribbons are entwined to create large accent bows perfect for adding touches of romance to your pews and candelabra at the ceremony, and to your chairs, tables and more at the reception. The 6 1/2" diameter bows are available in white or ecru and form easily when the small ribbon ends are pulled. Each bow has two graceful 12" streamers. 
WXS698 White Accent Bow (Each)...........$4.70 
WXS699 Ecru Accent Bow (Each)..............$4.70

  4000 more accesories here! 

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4000 more accesories here!

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