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Invitation Quantity

The invitations come with two matching envelopes unless stated.
I want a Return address printed on the outer envelopes
I want Lined inner envelopes (most of the invitations can be ordered with a lined inner envelope. The flap of the inner envelope is lined with a color of your choice, and can been seen when it is opened. Scroll down past the pricing information on the invitation pages to see the choices.)

A link to these insert cards is found under each invitation image. All of the insert cards are the same as the one shown for that particular invitation, they are just used for different purposes.
Response card Quantity (also called a reply set - Include these to find out who's coming. Comes with pre-addressed envelopes)
Reception card Quantity (use these to let your guests know where and when the reception is)
Matching Thank You note (also called an "informal". Your names are printed on the front and the inside is blank for you to write your thank-you note.)
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